This wiki contains important information about the lovely 60 credit final year projects and it is intended for final year students in the Department of Computing & Informatics only.

Kindly note:

  1. This wiki will be refreshed every year for the new cohort so please do not be panic if you see all supervisors are full before you come to your final year. :-)
  2. Most projects are also valid for MSc students but it is strongly recommended that MSc students should check with their Programme Leaders and potential supervisors first.

We have handpicked a number of past project titles for each degree title to help you generate your project ideas. Please visit the Project Library on Brightspace (https://brightspace.bournemouth.ac.uk).

The tag clouds were generated based on all project titles available in the project library and they are provided to give you some idea about the nature (remit) of computing projects. Please visit tag cloud page for more details.

If you have already got an idea and want to persuade someone to become your supervisor or want to check with someone to see if it is eligible for your degree title, please browse the list of supervisors and their interests to make sure the supervisor you want is familiar with the subject area you have chosen.

If you do not have an idea and you want us to inspire you or would like to simple work on any project (idea) we have, please check the list of projects and contact the relevant supervisors directly.

We often receive queries from local businesses and organisations about whether we can help them solve some real-world problems they are facing in their daily business activities. If you are interested, please check the list of external projects and contact the relevant supervisors directly. Note working with a real client in a final year project is a very good way to polish your CV and sometimes you will be offered a job directly by them.

SPB is a new initiative of BU to bring real life projects to students through embedding them into the curriculum to not only provide them hands-on experience and also generate impact to help the external businesses and organisations.

For the available projects offered through SPB, please check: https://www1.bournemouth.ac.uk/collaborate/student-project-bank/available-projects

Note you are recommended to talk to the Project Coordinator first if you are interested in taking one of them for your final year project.

You are new to the project so you will find out you have so many questions to ask. However, before approaching your supervisor or the project tutor, please check the faq page where we provide answers for the most frequently asked questions.

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